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Why aimINSIGHT for distribution?
New distribution channels continue to grow, while existing channels are expanding with new approaches, such as global sourcing, cross-sell capabilities, third-party logistics, and radio frequency identification (RFID). Distributors are also faced with greater competition and higher customer service expectations. Distribution companies have to implement more advanced management solutions to cope with these changes.

Sage provides powerful, adaptable solutions that give distributors the tools they need to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory and shipment management. These integrated solutions can be deployed quickly and inexpensively, without complicated customization or drawn-out implementation projects.

Streamline business operations
(i) Automate critical business processes, from order capture to inventory replenishment, and help reduce wasteful activities.

(ii) Deliver real-time business intelligence and alerts on the status of the business to management and customers.

(iii) Enable customer self-service through Web portals.

Improve supply chain and inventory management
(i) Provide easy, real-time visibility into inventory, sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple locations.

(ii) Accurately track shipping and delivery of parts by integrating Automatic Data Collection (ADC) functionality with enterprise resource planning (ERP).

(iii) Maintain accurate real-time inventory data and optimise layout, picking methods, and movement.

(iv) Create accurate demand forecasts.

Enhance customer relationships
(i) Help ensure accurate and on-time delivery with powerful customer/supplier integration, planning tools, and company-wide inventory visibility.

(ii) Respond rapidly to unique customer demands, such as specific packaging and shipping requirements.

(iii) Manage customer interactions across multiple communication channels.