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Why aimINSIGHT for retail?
Retail is detail and complexity. Retailers have to reduce inventory investment while improving in-stock positions, increase customer service while reducing labour costs, and decrease operation costs while expanding to multiple channels. Add to these demands the need to consolidate acquisitions, fight off encroaching competition, and do it all in a challenging economic cycle, and it is clear that retail requires advanced business solutions.

Sage retail solutions are designed to handle the complex business of retail from point-of-sale to back office and through to the warehouse and the corporate office. These affordable, integrated solutions can be deployed quickly, without complicated customisation or drawn-out implementations.

Optimise inventory management and merchandising decisions
(i) Gain insight into product, department, and store performance.

(ii) Respond immediately to trends in customer purchasing behaviour.

(iii) Improve product pricing management with fact-based decisions.

Improve customer service
(i) Shorten lines and decrease checkout times.

(ii) Handle complex transactions, including couponing and special offers.

(iii) Check product availability in stores and warehouses.

Support multichannel operations
(i) Process orders and returns via any channel.

(ii) Gather and analyse real-time, multichannel data to respond quickly to customer demand.

(iii) Coordinate and track customer interaction across multiple channels