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Financial Services

Why aimINSIGHT for financial services?

Banks, insurance companies, and securities firms must drive down the costs of their internal processes and provide better customer service to grow their businesses in the face of strong competition. These challenges are causing financial services firms to change the way they manage operations and client relationships. With the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution, financial services firms will more effectively support their clients with more value-added services while streamlining business processes and lowering costs.

Sage CRM provides holistic client information by pulling it from disparate data sources and then delivering it to users through intuitive prospecting and customer relationship management tools that are natural extensions of Sage Office system applications. By giving your customer-facing advisors and representatives access to the right information at the right time, Sage CRM provides greater client insight, improves customer service, and helps your firm attract and retain profitable clients.

Provide a comprehensive view of the client
(i) Gain real-time visibility into customer data from multiple databases.

(ii) Track all customer-facing interactions across multiple communication channels.

(iii) Monitor and analyse customer needs to maximise cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and quickly adapt for changing customer needs.

Reduce the administrative burden on financial advisors
(i) Enable financial advisors to work more efficiently across information sources and distribution channels.

(ii) Integrate sales, marketing, and customer service.

(iii) Easily incorporate changes for regulations and compliance.

Improve banking customer service
(i) Renew channels, such as ATMs, call centres, teller systems, or in-branch advisor systems, with reusable business components.

(ii) Improve consistency of customer service across channels.

Link disconnected insurance processes and systems
(i) Integrate applications and workflow processes that span distribution networks, service providers, policy administrators, claims processing, and re-insurance.

(ii) Create a seamless link with the customer.