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Why aimINSIGHT solutions for healthcare providers?
Delivering high-quality care may be the number one priority for healthcare providers, but reducing costs is always an imperative. The key to this is finding ways to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiency, increase productivity, and improve decision-making, thereby allowing physicians and staff to spend more time on patient-focused activities.

Expanding the use of information technology (IT) is a smart way to reduce costs, improve access to patient and organisational information, and simultaneously increase patient satisfaction. The powerful, integrated IT infrastructure provided by Sage makes it easier to share patient information for clinical decisions and cross-organisational case coordination, as well as access the financial data required to drive business decisions. This solution enables physicians, nurses, and administrators to work together as a single team.

Streamline financial and human resource management
(i) Gain real-time access to funding and expenditure across multiple business units.

(ii) Manage sensitive payroll information with greater control and security.

(iii) Provide around the clock access to payer/patient information anywhere, on any device or browser.

(iv) Increase staff productivity via automation of everyday tasks.

Increase patient satisfaction
(i) Coordinate delivery of patient care throughout the organisation with easy access to all patient records.

(ii) Develop more efficient and effective case management.

(iii) Increase time spent on patient-focused activities.

(iv) Deliver better coordinated outreach and educational activities that target specific communities or populations.

Comply with regulations

(i) Easily store, categorise, and search compliance documents.

(ii) Ensure that managers have the necessary data and materials to maintain compliance.

(iii) Implement intelligent Health Level Seven (HL7) messaging for international standards.